Advisory Board Member, Bridget Marmion, Founder and CEO
of Your Expert Nation will be moderating an informative panel. 
Whether your work will appear in a book, blog, magazine, newspaper, play, or on your own social media, every writer should know the rules and protocol for what can and cannot be done when you’re writing about a live person.

On March 2nd, Jan Constantine, General Counsel for the Authors Guild, will join two acclaimed authors, Elinor Lipman and Boris Kachka, to discuss Can I Write That While They’re Still Alive?

That question leads to others that plague writers of all sorts: Do you understand the differences between defamation, libel, slander, invasion of privacy and know how to avoid each? What are the concerns, and some suggested solutions, when you’re writing about your own life and family? Or if the subject is dead? What “rules” must a novelist keep in mind? A blogger? A publicist? Can you reprint a photo/story from a newspaper/mag for promo use including their logo? What are the procedures/rules regarding fair use, copyright, and trademarked material?

The expert panel will be covering all this and more on March 2 when they gather at YEN HQ on the 5th Floor at 817 Broadway for another of their lively Conference Room Confabs. And you have the choice of attending live or enjoying the discussion from the comfort of your own home or office because they are livestreaming the event worldwide. Just indicate whether you want “Remote Access” or an onsite reservation when you buy your ticket at the EventBrite page.  Go here to buy your ticket now.

Agents, editors, publicists and marketing teams are also encouraged to attend.