VIDA’s mission as a research-driven organization is to increase critical attention to contemporary women’s writing as well as further transparency around gender equality issues in contemporary literary culture.

Each year The VIDA Count compiles over 1000 data points from the top tier, or “Tier 1” journals, publications, and press outlets by which the literary community defines and rewards its most valued arts workers, the “feeders” for grants, teaching positions, residencies, fellowships, further publication, and ultimately, propagation of artists’ work within the literary community. Volunteers from across the country dedicate thousands of combined hours to compile this information and release the results as our trademark blue and red pie charts.

The VIDA Count reveals major imbalances at premiere publications both in the US and abroad. It has been culturally transformative in the way it frames the debate about gender equality in print. VIDA’s work has engaged the general public in a better understanding of the literary landscape and the issues facing artists of all genders. (Information taken from VIDA About page)

The 2015 VIDA Count was released on March 30, 2016. The count is separated into sections and highlights certain publications. There are results of the Larger Literary Landscape VIDA Count, an Intersectional Survey, Women of Color VIDA Count, Disability VIDA Count, Trans Women VIDA Count, and more.

They have compiled the data into infographics like the one below for The New York Times Book Review: 
nytbrScroll through VIDA’s findings and discover the status of today’s women in the literary arts.