PUB: 636- Electronic Publishing Course


Prof. Jodylynn Bachiman

This course is about creating a web presence and understanding the fundamentals of online media (a technical perspective). It is a hands-on course and students will learn how to create, manage and understand what the components of a website are and ultimately create a publishing website as a final project.

This year I am including more tutorials and hands-on experience with responsive design and the use of e-Commerce and creating a mobile app. The course is taught using Adobe Creative Cloud and Creative Suite software that is available in the publishing computer lab. Jerry DeMarco, Managing Editor of the, will be one of our guest speaker.

If you love the internet, eager to  learn Adobe Creative Cloud technology and how to create a professional website for a publisher or author –register now!

Official Course Description: 
This is a hands-on and lecture course utilizing Adobe Creative Cloud software. Students will gain hands-on experience and knowledge of Adobe publishing software available to students in the MS in Publishing midtown computer lab.

Students will learn about key functionality issues with developing an online presence via websites. There is an emphasis on the use of cloud and mobile computing to manage, edit and store files across all browsers and operating system platforms.

Students will also be taught how to create responsive websites and mobile applications (apps). We will discuss what is happening in the media industry and how the web is used as a platform for content. Proper cyber security measures are also discussed.

No technical experience is required for this course. Online tutorials are provided and used in the classroom for instructional purposes.

By the time the course is completed, students will be able to understand the technology used in creating websites, how they function and their effective use in publishing. One of the course requirement is that the student create your own publishing related website using a step-by-step approach taught during the classroom lectures and tutorials.

Guest lecturers in the field of publishing will also be incorporated in the curriculum.