Technology in the handsPub 620: Modern Technology

“What is new this year is storytelling, creating and prototyping mobile apps, [and] the discussion of virtual reality [and] its future in publishing.

We will use Adobe Creative suite and other cloud based programs and learning will be done using tutorials.

This course will provide an introduction to content management systems and their role in current trends in publishing. Discussions are based on overall technology issues as well as publishing content.”

Official Course Description:

Technology has become an integral part the publishing industry. New Media thrives on the various ways information flows. Multimedia technologies can shape the flow of information in culture. Digital Asset Management (DAM) will be discussed in detail, as well as the components of a content management system (as it pertains to the publishing industry).

Professor Jodylynn Bachiman

Professor Jodylynn Bachiman

Current trends in technology will be discussed during classes. The idea is to broaden your knowledge of the industry, regardless of its method of delivery. Specifically, the topics of Web 2.0, Web 3.0, social media trends, and online content. How are these paradigm shifts shaping the future of publishing, and will it change the current landscape of traditional media forever?

We will utilize Adobe Creative Suite applications to create infographics, storytelling, and mobile application prototypes.

modern technology objectives
Professor Bachiman has a few guest speakers planned and lined up for the semester.

Pub 620: Modern Technology can be taken as an elective and counts for the Information Systems in Publishing Requirement.

This class is about YOU! It is my responsibility to set the tone for your own projects and to be certain that you stay on track.”