The official site for Women’s National History Month is documenting all the major American institutions that are taking part in “commemorating and encouraging the study, observance and celebration of the vital role of women in American history” this March.

The Library of Congress and National Archives and Records Administration are just two of the many noteworthy organizations that are participating in Women’s National History Month. The official site for Women’s National History Month is a great jumping-off point to finding out what is being done to honor women in American history.

The literary and publishing achievements of women are also being recognized outside of government-funded establishments. Big publishers like Penguin Random House are featuring a reading challenge of books written exclusively by women. The New York Public Library is also dedicating this month to sharing everything from digital collections of published works by and about women to posts about notable leading ladies in books. These sources are all good to look into for getting into celebrating a month of the importance and strength of women.