Since it’s Banned Books Week, we thought we’d write a fun post inspired by Epic Reads, a digital community created by HarperCollins to connect  HarperTeen authors and books with readers. Epic Reads wrote a post this week called “27 Things That Should Be Banned Instead of Books.” If you have five minutes, it’s definitely worth reading.

To add to this list, we thought we’d give you 5 things we think should be banned instead of books, as related to the publishing industry.


When the book is so full of clichés you aren’t sure which book you’re reading. Also, when people pretend “judging a book by its cover” isn’t a thing. Tell me you haven’t put a book down because its cover was horrendous.

Spineless Paperbacks

When you read the book once and the spine cracks.

Long Titles

When the title is so long you feel like you’ve already read the book.

Damaged Goods

When you’re too lazy to go to the bookstore, so you order from Amazon and the book arrives damaged. Yeah, cause we all want damaged books.


When you decide to edit the entire book, so you can read it front to back without having to stop and take a deep breath every fifteen seconds.