On Thursday, April 12, the M.S. in Publishing program celebrated the achievements of students, alumni, and faculty at the annual Student & Alumni Appreciation Dinner. An honored Pace tradition, the event recognized the professionalism of graduates and the dedication of students at every stage of the program. It was a particularly poignant event as Professor Sherman Raskin – the director of the publishing program for the last 32 years – announced his intention to retire in March. Professor Raskin has been a distinguished member of the Pace community for 55 years.

Professor Sherman Raskin (Photo: Rachael Kelly)

"The Pace Publishing program was developed to give students an understanding of publishing and prepare them to succeed in the industry. We now have graduates who are executives in the industry and returning to Pace as adjunct lecturers to educate our publishing students. The strength of our program is in our graduates." — Professor Sherman Raskin

Professors Sherman Raskin and Manuela Soares (Photo: Rachael Kelly)

Full-time faculty member Manuela Soares is the incoming director of both the M.S. in Publishing program and the Pace University Press.

Adjunct Professor Veronica Wilson (Photo: Rachael Kelly)

Veronica Viviana Wilson is an adjunct professor in the M.S. in Publishing program. (She graduated with her master’s in 2003.) Today, she is the director of business development at The Nielsen Company, whose digital reach and resonance tools help marketers optimize their campaigns.

“The program offered me the chance to understand all the various aspects of working within publishing, from advertising sales to copyediting to marketing and more. I felt I had found a great way to understand all the aspects of the business that I needed to flourish.” — Veronica Wilson

Alex Grover is an ebook technology manager at Penguin Random House. As a student, he was a graduate assistant for the Pace University Press. He graduated from the M.S. in Publishing program in 2015.

"The power of the Pace program is not only its ability to equip students with what they need to succeed in the industry, but you. You are part of a network that makes this program work....So hold on to your little tribe. Recommend each other for opportunities when you can. After you graduate, reach out to old Pace classmates. Come to the Student Appreciation dinner. Keep in touch with Raskin and Soares and Denning. Because it all contributes to the very network that’s going to help you succeed." — Alex Grover

M.S. in Publishing student Jennifer Thompson (Photo: Rachael Kelly)

Jennifer Thompson is a student in the M.S. in Publishing program. She is currently the office graduate assistant for the publishing department.

"The program has taught me so much about the publishing industry through great professors and guest speakers. It's also given me the chance to acquire four internships within the industry. For someone who didn't know about publishing until her senior year of college, I now feel that I know just about everything from this 2-year program. I am so thankful." — Jennifer Thompson


M.S. in Publishing students Rajeet Guha, Shubham Ganeriwala, Frederick Henderson, Bryan Potts, and alumnus Kevin Mercado (Photo: Rachael Kelly)

M.S. in Publishing students Bryan Potts, Kimberly Holcombe, Jennifer Thompson, Katie Stroble, Rachael Kelly, Ely Mellet, and Bidisha Bhattacharya (Photo: Ely Mellet)

Professor Sherman Raskin (Photo: Rachael Kelly)

Miguel Cervantes graduated from the M.S. in Publishing program in 2014. Today, he is the marketing coordinator for PublicAffairs Books | Nation Books at Perseus Books Group. (Photo: Rachael Kelly)