Professor Raskin at the podium.

Enjoy Retirement!

Sherman Raskin retired at the end of August after 55 years of service to the university.

Last week, on Dyson Day, Thursday, September 13th, the university celebrated him and his years of service as Director of the MS in Publishing Program and Director of Pace University Press.

University President Marvin Krislov, retiring History Professor Barbara Blumberg, Professor Raskin, and Dyson College Dean, Nira Herrmann.


The event was well-attended by faculty and staff who showed their appreciation for Sherman’s dedication, inspiration, and hard work over the years. There was a wonderful slide show celebrating Professor Raskin’s career at the university (and his acting work!).

The event wouldn’t have been complete without Paula Raskin, who was always at Professor Raskin’s side. He called her his CEO.

Congratulations, Professor Raskin. We’ll miss you!