Kay at the 2018 Texas Book Festival

Photo Credit: Larry D. Moore

Sarah Kay is a New York based poet. She founded a company called Project VOICE which is a team of poets who educate students and perform in competitions and on the stage.

“I think there is a human instinct to tell stories, no matter who you are or where you live.”

Kay has been writing poetry since she was 14. In 2006, she was the youngest poet to compete in the National Poetry Slam. She gave two TED talks in 2011, which can be found here and here.

“Not all poetry wants to be storytelling. And not all storytelling wants to be poetry. But great storytellers and great poets share something in common: They had something to say, and did.”

In 2011, Kay published her first book, “B”, which includes illustrations. After this, she published a few works: No Matter the Wreckage (2014), The Type (2016), and earlier this year, All Our Wild Wonder (2018).