Welcome back, Professor McIlroy — we certainly need your online Summer I Metadata course now!

It has never been so important for publishers to utilize metadata to promote their titles and there is no one with greater expertise in this area than Professor McIlroy.

“… how do you make sure that readers are finding your company’s books during this time of opportunity—and not your competitor’s?
It seems obvious to me: improve your metadata.” 

The quote comes from Thad McIlroy’s most recent article in Publishers Weekly. Read his column “The SUM of Metadata for Publishers” here.

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Thad McIlroy is the president of The Future of Publishing, which provides in-depth coverage on the book publishing industry.  An electronic publishing analyst, author, and industry expert, McIlroy has written a dozen books and over 300 articles on cutting edge issues in publishing and media. He is also a founding partner in Publishing Technology Partners and a columnist for Publishers Weekly.

McIlroy is the author of An Authoritative Look at Book Publishing Startups in the United States (2017), The Metadata Handbook, 2nd Ed. (2015) (co-authored with Renee Register), and Mobile Strategies for Digital Publishing: A Practical Guide to the Evolving Landscape (2015). McIlroy is a consultant to a variety of publishing and media companies, including Disney,  MIT Press, Microsoft, and Pearson. He served as Program Director for Seybold Seminars, the publishing industry’s premier technology conference, for five years.