Last week, HarperCollins let go of 12 employees, according to The Bookseller.

HarperCollins CEO Brian Murray stated in a memo to employees that “leaders across the company have implemented changes to some team structures” because of the layoffs.

 “For the past several years we have been operating in a state of constant change —shifting resources as necessary to manage economic and consumer behavioral savings,” said Murray. “With continued cost pressures across all areas of the supply chain, and ongoing uncertainty through the remainder of the fiscal year, we need to control costs and operate as efficiently as possible.”  

Murray also said that HarperCollins has instituted a hiring freeze and cancelled all non-essential travel.  

 Included in the 12 were six union bargaining employees, as reported by Publishers Weekly. The layoffs come as the HarperCollins union employees are set to strike against the company after a failed 11-month contract negotiation. 

“Local 2110 president Olga Brudastova called the timing of the cuts ‘suspicious’ as it nearly coincided with their vote to strike. ‘It was a complete surprise,’ said Brudastova, explaining that employees who were affected by the layoffs learned of decision before the union. She added, ‘We have in our contract a specific timeline when the union is supposed to receive the notice, which they failed to do.’”