Chelsea Hodson’s first experience in publishing was with an indie press. Her chapbook, Pity the Animal, was published by Kevin Sampsell at Future Tense Books in 2014. Now the author is paying it forward by launching her own indie press, Rose Books. The first two books will release this year.  

In an interview with Publishers Weekly, Hodson explained that the first time she read Geoff Rickly’s manuscript in 2018, she fell in love with his work and was struck with the sudden thought that perhaps she could be the one to publish it. Inspired by her time with Sampsell, Hodson strove to make that dream a reality.   

Geoff Rickly’s novel Someone Who Isn’t Me will be the first title published by Rose Books, according to PW. It will be released July 25, 2023. Someone is described as a feverish journey through the psyche of someone who no longer recognizes himself. Geoff himself describes the book as a modern reimagining of The Divine Comedy. The novel has already been praised by Gerard Way, lead singer in My Chemical Romance, who describes it as a “spiral staircase in a burning building.”  

Following that, The Holy Day, by Christopher Norris, will be released in October and is about a former teen detective going on vacation to die.  

Rose Books plans to release two titles a year. “A limited-edition hardcover and paperback of each book will be published simultaneously, and all Rose Books titles will be available for purchase via the press’s website,” PW wrote.  

Their website is Rickly’s novel is up for pre-order.   

Rose Books has also lined up their first book for 2024, an untitled poetry book by Ashleah Gonzales.  

Read the Publishers Weekly interview with Chelsea Hodson, here