On January 25th, the HCP Union Instagram shared their daily update, with news that HarperCollins wants to invite them back to the bargaining table. By February 9th, both sides reached a tentative agreement, ending the 66-day long strike.

When the strike began back in November, the HCP Union urged freelancers, reviewers, agents, blurbers, and management not to cross the picket line. This meant refusing HC contracts, holding reviews, nominations, and other content, and not crossing the physical picket line outside the HC building.

The Union’s mediation update reads as follows: “Day 56…and a bargaining update:

HarperCollins has agreed to enter mediation with our union. We are hopeful the company will use this opportunity to settle fairly and reset our relationship. This means our pressure campaign is working. The strike will continue until we reach a fair contract agreement.”

Throughout the strike, union members went to the News Corp Headquarters where they hosted their “Take it to the Top Rally” in honor of publishing solidarity. These rallies encouraged agents, authors, freelancers, and industry professionals to participate.

As of February 14, no information has been shared on the settled agreement between the two parties.