Sourcebooks’ BIPOC Editorial Training Program is an internship specifically geared towards attracting BIPOC participants. Launched in August 2020, each cohort is comprised of four interns, who are admitted into an intensive 10-week program that provides participants with a comprehensive overview of an editor’s work, according to Publishers Weekly. The program is remote and paid, to ensure that location is not a barrier to participation. They plan on opening two more cohorts in 2023, for a total of six since they opened the program in August 2020.

The program also emphasizes hands-on learning, with a goal towards helping their interns land publishing jobs when the program ends. Interns gain experience in copyediting, proofreading, and production editing.

“So many doors have been closed to BIPOC individuals for a lot of reasons, and I’m grateful to be part of throwing a few doors open,” said Christa Désir, the point person for the BIPOC editorial program. “The talent pool we’ve seen come through this program is extraordinary, and I hope programs like this one are picked up across publishing.”

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