Last month, Pace Publishing students Brook Wyers and Catherine Shea visited the London Book Fair and had a fantastic time. Here’s what Brook has to say about her experience: 



What was your favorite part of the London Book Fair? 

My favorite part of the book fair was getting the opportunity to meet Ed Nawotka- a writer for Publishers Weekly. Cat and I had the chance to stop by the PW booth and introduce ourselves. In a fun turn of events, he tasked us both to write a short article for him, with a deadline of two hours to turn it back in to him. It was exhilarating as Cat, and I raced back to our hotel to churn out our thoughts into a comprehensible piece. 


What was your favorite panel and/or booth? 

My favorite panel was on the first day of the fair, and it was the author of the day panel, which happened to be Colson Whitehead speaking about his upcoming book and his overall writing process. I am a huge fan of Nickel Boys, so it was nice to hear from an author I personally look up to talk about their own writing and get the behind-the-scenes of some of my favorite books. 


What is your biggest takeaway from the fair? 

My biggest takeaway from the fair is that the industry is in the midst of innovation with the implementation of AI. Every panel and every person I spoke to talked in some way about how AI technology will change the industry for better or worse. It’s an interesting time, for sure, to be starting in the industry. 

What was your favorite part outside the fair? 

My favorite part outside the fair would be seeing A Streetcar Named Desire with Cat and Professor Soares. It was probably one of the best plays I have ever seen! Paul Mescal did wonderfully as a lead. I enjoyed the creative direction they took with the classic story using a minimalistic set and using background singing. 


What do you wish was different at the fair? 

I enjoyed the fair a lot, and if you get the chance to ever go, take it! It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that not everyone gets. I do wish, though, that visiting students would have gotten the chance and a set place to not only network with each other but publishing professionals. Also, I wouldn’t have minded a complimentary 2023 London Book Fair tote bag… I love a good tote bag.