After the successful Fall chapter of the Book Swap on September 20th, it made a comeback as the revamped Ugly Sweater Book Swap on Tuesday, November 28th. The conditions to participate were simple:  

  • Wear an ugly holiday sweater 
  • Bring a book 

Publishing students put on their holiday best and participated in the book swap from 4-5:30 p.m. Professor Eileen Kreit and student Amber Grell sponsored the prizes for the ‘Cutest’ and the ‘Ugliest’ sweater, a decision arrived at through an anonymous voting by the participants. The winners of the evening were Luiza Guimaraes (Cutest) and Kayleigh Woltal (Ugliest). However, the books swapped seemed like an adequate consolation for all the others. Scroll on to see our participants cutest-yet-ugliest holiday sweaters.


Students Erin Hurley and Kimberly Anderson


Students Nina Hook and Kayleigh Woltal


Students Luiza Guimaraes and Harshdeep Kaur


Friend Rylee Freeman and Student Kaitlyn Keel


The Cutest and The Ugliest Sweater prize winners