Professor Baron’s Class goes to Quad Graphics 

By Christine Noury

On November 20, 2012, Professor Andrea Baron’s Magazine Production and Design class went to visit Quad/Graphics located on W. 50th St. Quad/Graphics is one of the largest magazine printers in the United States and the facility we visited does the prepress and retouching work for many national magazines.

We took a tour around the various departments of the company and got an understanding, in a very hands-on way, of what the process of getting a magazine to the readers encompasses. We were walked thorough the steps taken to finalize magazine images and complete pages, organizing the work to meet tight production schedules, watched experts retouch images, saw the production of the newest interactive accompaniment to print magazines!

The future of the digital age in terms of magazines is very promising, according to Quad/Graphics. They have developed an application that works with Augmented Reality technology in print magazines. With your Ipad and your iPhone or other tablet, a reader can scan over a magazine cover or advertisement and an interactive application will appear for the reader to navigate around. The class was able to play around with these magazines and iPads to really understand how it works. We were also shown how these interactive applications are created for companies. This creates a whole new platform for publishing in a more hands-on and interactive method, which is very exciting for the future of magazines and publishing.

The trip to Quad Graphics was extremely educational and inspiring. Being able to see first-hand how magazines go through the process of being published and how the employees are so interested in their work, helped to show our class that we are on the right track for our futures as publishers.

By Christine Noury, who is in her first semester in the MS in Publishing program and is interested in pursuing a career on the editorial side of things.