Today’s publishing world is faced with disintermediation- the cutting out of a middle man. In Professor Levitz’s Transmedia class, we learn how the industry is changing to reflect this. In the past, no one would have thought that an individual author would be able to have their work reach a wide audience without the help of agents, editors, publishers, and marketers (and still make a profit!) Today we see that it is possible to promote yourself and your work without the help of a publisher. Whether the traditional publishing model will disappear, change shape, or remain the the same is anyone’s guess. As aspiring publisher’s we must keep an eye on the market of self-publishing. Websites like Lulu allow authors to create, design, and promote their books from the comfort of their own home.


They offer authors editorial services, ebook and print publishing, and design services. As entrepreneurs, we should take stock- perhaps instead of working at a big six, we may find a future at a self-publishing or print on demand service like this. How easy is it to create and design a book here? Take a look and make your own samples!