Last week, we brought up The Feminine Mystique, a book largely responsible for motivating women to pursue their professional goals and promote equality in America.  The ideas held by its author, Betty Friedan, are not just exclusive to women, however. Many different groups of people face discrimination and unfair practices in the workplace, and it is up to all of us to reduce these problems. As a professional graduate program Pace hopes to arm its’ students not just with the technical skills to be a good employee, but with the professional tools needed to ethically achieve our goals. All professionals can promote equality and take steps to make their co-workers feel comfortable.

  •  Though every industry has different hurdles to face when it comes to the battle for success and equality, there is a model for equality in the workplace promoted by The Houston Chronicle. They advocate for training, child-care facilities, and publicizing efforts towards equality.
  • The best way to arm yourself against naysayers who believe that the playing field has been completely evened is with factual evidence pointing towards the contrary. Marlo Thomas writes about the discrepancies between pay rates between men and women in The Huffington PostHer article features a fascinating tale of Newsweek employees taking legal action against discrimination.
  • On the issue of fair compensation, many people don’t know how to negotiate for fair wages or that they can even ask to be compensated better. Nellie Akalp provides 8 Tips to Negotiate a Higher Salary on Mashable.
  •  Forbes contributor Charlotte Beers talks about her own experience excelling in an industry against the odds.