Jennifer Clare


Congratulations to Pace University MS in Publishing students, Jennifer Clare, Diana Cavallo, and Lindsey Ljungquist  on receiving the prestigious departmental Publishing Award for 2013.  These students were selected on the basis of their high GPA’s, contributions to the department, and outstanding academic experiences.





Diana Cavallo

Each of these young women took advantage of all that the program had to offer them and made a significant impact on all of the lives they touched during the course of their studies.   Their futures are as brightas they are and we  look forward to hearing about all of their future successes as they move ahead in their careers.  Jennifer Clare was also awarded the DYSON Award, an award given to an outstanding DYSON student who has excelled in every aspect of her studies and embodies Pace’s motto of OPPORTUNITAS. 




Lindsey Ljungquist

Each recipient has written a thank you note to express their gratitude for winning the Publishing Award.  Click on their names if you would like to read their Thank You Notes: Jennifer ClareDiana Cavallo, Lindsey Ljungquist. We are very proud of  Jennifer, Diana, and Lindsey, and wish them the best of luck in the future!