It’s hard to envision a comic book company’s locale in anything other than the city that inspired Gotham, but DC Entertainment is ready for the change of scenery. DCE has announced that they will move the rest of the company to its Burbank, CA headquarters, right next to the Warner Bros. Studio lot, in 2015. President of DC, Diane Nelson, is taking the opportunity to unite the bi-coastal company because as she stated, “When you have a creative business and ideas generated from people working together, I think you can work happier together.” (

For many of DC’s writers and staff members, the move is not at all unexpected. As Batman artist Neal Adams puts it, “We all smelled it in the air a long time ago, there’s such a focus on film and television nowadays, why wouldn’t they want the people making the decisions [on the characters] out on the West Coast.” ( Rather, the overall sentiment is the remorse for all of the DC employees who will have to uproot their lives if they choose to stay with the company. Is DC starting a trend? Perhaps in the coming years with the marriage of comics and film we will see more companies following suit and buddying up with their motion picture counterparts.