STM & STEM: What Are They and How Are Publishers Responding

When: April 10, 2018 @ 5:15–7:30pm
Where: Penguin Random House (2nd Floor), 1745 Broadway (bt. 55th & 56th Streets), New York, NY, 10004
Cost: $40-$60 ($5 just to attend the panel)

The Book Industry Guild of New York is hosting a panel on STM & STEM. Questions will be answered about what these are and how they relate to the publishing industry. Panelists include: Heather Luciano, Publisher of Health and Medical Sciences at Elsevier; Orli Zuravicky, Senior Editor of Cartwheel Books, Scholastic Press, and Orchard Picture Books at Scholastic; and Darrell W. Gunter, Director of STM North America and Director of Membership International Association of STM Publishers. The moderator for the panel will be Miriam Tuliao, Library Marketing Manager at Penguin Random House.

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