Every year the Women’s Media Group* provides one of our Publishing students with a $4,000 scholarship for the Spring semester and a three-year membership to their organization. 

To qualify for the scholarship, interested students write a brief leadership essay where they share their commitment to publishing and media (whether through school literary magazines or newspapers, audio/visual broadcasts, internships, work experience, creative projects, or other avenues) and provide an example of their demonstrated leadership and interest in promoting written and/or visual literacy, diversity, and amplification of underrepresented voices in the media. This year there were seven applicants. 

In December, the scholarship and a three-year WMG membership was awarded by the WMG Scholarship Committee to Yaritza Santana for her outstanding essay. 

Congratulations, Yaritza! 

*The Women’s Media Group is a New York City-based nonprofit association of women who have achieved prominence in the many fields of media. Our members—drawn primarily from print and digital book, magazine, and newspaper publishing; film and television; and online and other digital media—meet to collaborate with, learn from, inform, and support one another. The organization is also dedicated to mentoring young women interested in pursuing media careers.